There is no list of MPs who have shown disloyalty to Canada, says Elizabeth May

June 12, 2024 at 10:05 am  Federal, Politics

MPs whose names should be known- members of this committee, across party lines, have done stellar work on a very difficult set of issues. They should be better known and THANKED. 

This report focuses on a critical issue about which Canadians should know more- the extent to which foreign governments seek to influence Canadian political life, hoping to impact domestic policies while advancing their own country’s reputation. Foreign governments also attempt to interfere with our democratic processes across national and sub national electoral politics. “Influence” and “interference” are related but different. We need to know more about tactics and strategies used by foreign actors in both categories, especially when actual interference is involved. The threat of foreign governments working against Canada’s interests, attempting to impact Canada, must be a specific and more deeply understood threat, especially for people seeking elected office. 

Unfortunately, that important work has been eclipsed by a totally understandable media firestorm which – in my view – is overblown.   I have been asked many times in slightly different ways, how it feels to sit in a Parliament knowing that there are potential traitors among us?? Shouldn’t the public have a right to know which MPs have sold out their country for benefit or favour from a foreign government?  

Having read the full unredacted NSICOP report, for myself I can say, I have no worries about anyone in the House of Commons. 

There is no “list of MPs who have shown disloyalty to Canada.” 

So, I am very glad I read the report. I am very comfortable sitting with my colleagues. We will disagree on policy and many issues, but I am vastly relieved. 

The most worrying case (found at page 26 of the publicly available report) is the one referenced instance of an MP “proactively” sharing privileged information with a foreign operative. That person should be fully investigated and prosecuted. 

The few named people may be compromised. They have been beneficiaries of foreign governments interfering in nomination contests. 

Saying I am relieved does not mean that there is nothing to see here folks, let’s forget about the whole thing.

There are clearly threats to Canadian democracy from foreign governments.

I would like to suggest to all colleagues in parliament, particularly leaders of other parties, that we re-focus our public statements and parliamentary debates on what steps need to be taken to better protect our democracy.

It is clear some foreign governments see Canada as a pretty vulnerable, soft target. All recommendations of the hard-working NSICOP should be implemented. They have worked harder and have a deeper background than any other MP.  I suggest we fortify the binding nature of our oath at our swearing in. The Ethics Commissioner should be mandated to work with our intelligence community and specifically be prepared to issue reports where on investigation it is clear the MP has failed to put their loyalty to Canada above any other interest, particularly above personal benefit. This must be extended to the influence of foreign transnational corporations. 



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