Green Party of Canada on Upcoming Fall Economic Statement

November 20, 2023 at 11:28 am  Federal, Politics

(Ottawa, November 20, 2023) – This weekend – for the first time on the record – the global surface temperature breached 2 degrees of warming above the IPCC baseline. 


In light of the devastating Environment Commissioner’s November 7 report and the unchartered weather anomalies now being recorded, it is more urgent than ever that the NDP-backed Liberal government doubles down on climate action and invests the money in transitioning our economy away from fossil fuels and decreasing inequalities, the Green Party of Canada said today. 

« This government needs to understand that it can at once expand social programs while helping the planet and the country achieve its targets, » said Elizabeth May, Green Party Leader. « When looking at places our government should cut spending – an exercise we used to call “Green Scissors” – the list is long. It should cancel the Trans Mountain expansion pipeline, with costs heading towards the $31 billion mark and fulfil the long stale-dated promise to end the billions of subsidies to Fossil Fuels. »

“Those most responsible for our climate crisis should help to pay to combat it, » said Mike Morrice, MP for Kitchener Centre. « While people across the country are struggling to afford the essentials, like housing and food, fossil fuel companies continue to rake in record profits. It’s high time they contributed to helping this country face the challenges they created. And we hope tomorrow’s Statement will announce a windfall tax on oil and gas profits to help achieve that. »

Mike Morrice’s proposed windfall tax (Motion 92), which would be levied on 2022 profits in excess of $1 billion for oil and gas companies operating in Canada, will generate $4.2 billion in revenue according to the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO). These funds could be directed towards needed investments in public transit and greening residential and commercial buildings to fight climate change and increase affordability for Canadians.

« There is money in this country, but it is poorly distributed, » said Jonathan Pedneault, Deputy Leader. « We hope this Fall Economic Statement will finally demonstrate our NDP-backed Liberal friends have got the backs of average Canadians as opposed to those of their rich friends.» 

The Greens advocate for replenishing popular programs such as the Greener Homes Grant, a $2.6 billion initiative widely supported for its impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from home heating and cooling.

The Greens also highlight the urgent need for investments in climate-resilient infrastructure, particularly in the Territories, with a focus on expanding the electricity grid and implementing projects like the Kivalliq hydro-fibre link.

« While the deputy Prime Minister continues to speak in the language of austerity, the Liberals don’t have to allow Poilièvre to govern from Opposition. They could choose to be progressive, and follow through on their promises to implement Pharmacare, bring in the Canada Mental Health Transfer, fund the Canada Disability Benefit and address the housing crisis,” said MP Mike Morrice. « At the very least, we expect to see them extend the CEBA repayment date and return the Canada Summer Jobs program to its 2020-2022 funding levels.» 


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