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Speakers Jeremy Heighton, Jo Berry

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Speakers Jeremy Heighton, Jo Berry

Fri February 26, 2021
6:00 pm  – 9:00 pm
Oasis Church (1205 Rogers Way, Kamloops, BC V1S 1R9, Canada)
Business, Presentations & Lectures

AIMCanada is pleased to announce a powerful Motivational Speaker and Management/Business Educator, Jeremy Heighton, as the Lead Presenter in the 2nd Annual Power of Storytelling Event. This event was gifted to AIMFoundation of Canada by the late Award Winning Author Richard Wagamese.

When we tell our story we become centered to move forward and our path is made visible to us. Those that our story is shared with become part of heart centered community. It is through our stories, and our ability to communicate our stories, that we build connection, understanding and community, as well as, give testimony and inspire others.

Jeremy’s presentation is called the Power of Purpose. He believes that purpose runs throughout our lives; it is always present. Our greatest challenge is to see the thread that defines you and creates the power of your purpose.
Jo Berry is a leader/coach/mentor for a Team. Her presentation is on Heart Centered Leadership. She has a number of years experience and events in which she has mentored other Run Coaches to role model how Movement or Running can change your health and fitness. She directly understands how Mentoring others to Mentor builds Community. Come and hear her story of changing her life and the lives of many.

About Jeremy Heighton

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Jeremy is a firm believer that Purpose is present in all of us. As a child Jeremy was adopted into a stable middle-class family and was diagnosed as ADHD long before todays’ understanding of Asperger’s and other mental health variances. Yet, throughout Jeremy’s young life, which was filled with physical trauma, isolation and family challenges, he always has been a believer in possibility and potential, opportunity and little bit of luck.

Jeremy started a company in his basement bedroom in Kamloops, which led him to become a preferred trainer to one of the largest multi-national organizations on the globe. This journey, along with so many others – which took him to four continents, all started with the belief that every great adventure starts with YES!

As Jeremy undertook his search for his genetic roots in 2017, he began to realize that the foundations for his purpose actually were embedded in his genetics, from the Great Grandmother who was a pioneer, to a great grandfather who pulled up his affluent roots in the southern states to chase a dream; the pre-disposition to believe in better has always been waiting to be discovered.

Today, Jeremy is working to advance his community, to create greater vibrancy in Kamloops, while seeking the opportunities that innovation can bring. Jeremy is a Community Leader who believes in those around him, strives to create stronger communities, and champions change at a community level.

Jeremy will share both his journey, and his thoughts on how to discover and embrace your true purpose through story and strategy.

About Jo Berry

Runclub Founder & Owner

Jo Berry is a runner, mom, business owner, and philanthropist. The first thing she says each morning before her feet hit the floor is: “thank you,” and “please let me be of service to someone today.” Jo follows this by devoting three minutes to prayer; during which she sends energy to her family, friends, coworkers and others. Taking these few moments at the very beginning of each day is the key as it sets her intention out to the world that there is no room for self-importance. Jo truly believes that fife is about what you give to others each and every day.

Jo’s mantra is “Movement is Change,” a powerful statement that means movement on all spheres of health: physical health, spiritual health, emotional health, and mental health. Jo is best known for: Boogie the Bridge – a charitable fun run which to date, has raised over 1 million dollars for local Kamloops charities, and of course, for RUNClub – our run/walk training group that has made runners out of those who never dreamed it possible. These two powerful programs integrate emotional and physical health, and have inspired thousands through her energy, enthusiasm and support.

​​​The programs have also led Jo to win numerous awards and accolades including:

2017 | Kamloops This Week Reader’s Choice Award: Best Fundraiser Event
2017 | Kamloops This Week Reader’s Choice Award: Runner Up: Best Personal Trainer, for outstanding community service
2016 | Kamloops Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award: President’s Award Winner, for ourstanding community service
2015 | Boogie the Bridge breaks the “One Million Dollar Mark” for money raised for local charities
2014 | Kamloops Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards: Business Person of the Year Finalist
2012 | Kamloops Daily News Awards: Boogie the Bridge wins Best Community Event
2011 | City of Kamloops Pioneer Spirit Award Winner
2010 | Jo Berry carries the Olympic Torch after being nominated by Terry Lake in recognition for her contribution to community health and charitiable donatons
2009 | Thompson Life in Motion, Thompson Nicola’s: Top 50 Most Influential People
2009 | Writer of weekly columns for The Kamloops Daily News and Saskatoon’s Star Pheonix
2008 | Jo Berry and RUNClub showcased in “An Afternoon with Deepak Chopra” magazine
2008 | Thompson Rivers University’s Distinguished Alumni Grace Chronister Award Winner
2008 | BC Government’s Community Achievement Award Winner for community contribution
2004 | Woman of Distinction Award Winner

“Jo Berry is a trailblazer both literally, and figuratively. She has been synonymous with fitness in Kamloops and through RUNClub, she has inspired and encouraged thousands of people to become fit and live healthier lives.”

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About Oasis Church

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We Believe There’s Always More

The essence of Oasis Church is best described in three words. “There’s Always More”. We are a people of purpose working together on purpose, and we believe there’s always more people we can reach, more lives we can change, more needs we can met, and more ways we can impact our world. We make no apologies for being specifically focused on making our gatherings a place where all people can feel like they belong. We unashamedly believe there is nothing that could ever keep you from experiencing the love of God, and the church should be a safe place for all people, no matter their story to explore that. We believe your past or present doesn’t define you, and whatever life looks like, you are loved by God. Religiosity kills but Jesus brings life and it is our desire for our entire city to know the hope that can be found in Jesus.

We know that it only takes one moment to radically change your life and for you to find purpose and meaning in life.

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