Playing with Glass

Fri April 22, 2022  to Sat May 7, 2022
Kamloops Courthouse Gallery (7 Seymour St W, Kamloops, BC V2C 1E4, Canada)
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“Playing with Glass” by Shiela Dunn in the KAC Main Gallery

Friday April 22 to Saturday May 7, 2022

Mediums: Glass and crystal

Artist Biography:

Shiela Dunn lived a good portion of her life in Kamloops but her current home is in the rural area south of Pritchard. The property owned by her and her husband has captured their hearts and both of them hope to live out their lives there.
Shiela took an introductory course in stained glass when she was 42 and for the last 28 years has been hooked on glass. That introductory course was her only formal artistic education. Since then she has been self-taught. There have been many failures along the way but she believes she learns more from those failures than the successes.

When she saw a demonstration of fusing at a Glass Exposition in Las Vegas she knew she’d found the enduring love of her life. The best known example of Shiela’s stained glass work is in the windows of St. Andrews on the Square in Kamloops. Those windows accomplished everything she had hoped they would. They add colour and liveliness to the light coming into the space and soften the hard edged views of Seymour Street. Shiela has been an active member of the Courthouse Gallery Artists’ Co-op since its inception in 2007. She cannot overstate the positive influence that talented group of artists has had on her creative process and inspiration.

Kamloops Courthouse Gallery
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About Kamloops Courthouse Gallery

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The Kamloops Courthouse Gallery is a non-profit, co-operative art gallery which was founded in 2007 by a small group of dedicated artists from the Kamloops area. Today, the Gallery and Gift Shop are managed by a growing group of artists offering a wide range of talents and skills.

The purpose of the gallery is to provide a venue for member artists to sell their work while offering the community an opportunity to experience different forms of visual and functional art. Our objectives are to provide continuing support for the co-op and its membership through the gift shop and by organizing artisan fairs in the Old Courthouse.

Another objective is to provide education by offering demonstrations and workshops for those interested in learning a new art form.

We are dedicated to creating an enriching and cultural experience for both residents and visitors of Kamloops, as well as the people of British Columbia. Culture, Art, Community and Prosperity all become a reality as a result of this initiative. We are located in the historic “Old Kamloops Courthouse” which we share with the Kamloops Community Arts Council and Arnica.

The Kamloops Courthouse Gallery Gift Shop boasts an unmatched selection of media and styles including pottery, jewelry, glass art, paintings, scupture and fibre art to suit the tastes of casual shoppers as well as serious collectors.

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