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Patricia and Matthew House in the KAC Galleries

Tue January 28, 2020  to Sat January 25, 2020
Kamloops Courthouse Gallery (7 Seymour St W, Kamloops, BC V2C 1E4, Canada)
Arts & Culture, Galleries & Exhibits, Kamloops Arts Council

A Bit of Everything: The varied works of Patricia House

Trying to fit into a single box has never been something I have done well. My interests are varied and fluid. Painting and drawing are only a portion of my many creative outlets. They appeal to me not only creatively but also technically. The many choices of material and methods to work with them are too numerous to count. This experimenting appeals to me when translating a subject to the painting surface. If I were to use only one approach for all my work it would feel almost claustrophobic. I enjoy figuring out the ‘right way’ to do something then asking myself how I can push the rules and this box that we are ‘supposed’ to work in. Is there a different perspective to show?
As I develop as an artist, my desire is to initiate some form of a narrative with my viewer. I want my work to be more than just a ‘pretty picture’. I hope my viewers will smile, perhaps a raise an eyebrow, and delve deeper into the image’s story somehow.

About Patricia

Patricia House is a Kamloops artist, originally from Burnaby, BC. She was often recognized for her art in high school and other local creative competitions; however, she decided pursue a career in engineering and sciences after graduation. Since having children, the arts have returned to her life.
Patricia works primarily in acrylic and oil, though occasionally dabbles in other media. Her subjects are often connected to her personally – being of her family, animals from her farm, or from her travels.
She is a Federation of Canadian Artists member with ‘Active’ status. Her works have been juried into several shows.

Hello There!

A mother and son exhibition of animal portraiture in paint (Patricia) and photo (Matthew) mediums.

Living on a farm, we get to know the animals that we care for very well. Each has their own character. Some are curious and easy going while others can be downright ornery.

Capturing these critters in a way to show their varied expressions and relationship to us and their environment inspired these pieces. Patricia’s approach to her paintings is intended to be whimsical and light hearted. Matthew’s photography captures that instantaneous expression that you know has a more of a story behind it.

We both just want our viewers to smile and enjoy!

About Matthew House

Matthew House lives on a small farm. He enjoys sprint paddling sports and video games. He is a capable musician and is able to play four instruments. Like most kids today, he has a cell phone and often snaps shots of his friends, family, and the scenes out the window of the car on road trips.

Kamloops Courthouse Gallery
City Centre

About Kamloops Courthouse Gallery

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The Kamloops Courthouse Gallery is a non-profit, co-operative art gallery which was founded in 2007 by a small group of dedicated artists from the Kamloops area. Today, the Gallery and Gift Shop are managed by a growing group of artists offering a wide range of talents and skills.

The purpose of the gallery is to provide a venue for member artists to sell their work while offering the community an opportunity to experience different forms of visual and functional art. Our objectives are to provide continuing support for the co-op and its membership through the gift shop and by organizing artisan fairs in the Old Courthouse.

Another objective is to provide education by offering demonstrations and workshops for those interested in learning a new art form.

We are dedicated to creating an enriching and cultural experience for both residents and visitors of Kamloops, as well as the people of British Columbia. Culture, Art, Community and Prosperity all become a reality as a result of this initiative. We are located in the historic “Old Kamloops Courthouse” which we share with the Kamloops Community Arts Council and Arnica.

The Kamloops Courthouse Gallery Gift Shop boasts an unmatched selection of media and styles including pottery, jewelry, glass art, paintings, scupture and fibre art to suit the tastes of casual shoppers as well as serious collectors.

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