Me and my Kamloops

Debbie Lund, Stefanie Travers, Candice Camille in the KAC Galleries

Wed January 29, 2020  to Sat February 22, 2020
Kamloops Courthouse Gallery
Arts & Culture, Galleries & Exhibits, Kamloops Arts Council

Debbie Lund

“Feeling that quiet simplicity in nature inspires me to portray life’s spirit. To follow your dreams and passions in life through art.”

Growing up on a cattle ranch in the heart of the highland valley and living the lifestyle of a cowgirl with her family has given Deb opportunities to really appreciate all that nature and family has to offer.
Finding that inner wisdom and strength in nature has given Deb the answers to follow her dream.
“Going back to the simplicities of life – finding your true authentic self -following your dreams comes easy when you find that quiet place in nature and then can listen to spirits soft whispers of wisdom”.
After raising a family, Deb has finally come back to her true passion. She has found a new mentor and is on a journey of becoming Master Artist and learning the true techniques of the amazing Masters of yesterday. Being able to portray the depth and powerful spirit of wildlife and nature is becoming her newfound passion in life
In the past, her work has been recognized throughout North America, been published on book covers and has received awards through the Federation of Canadian Artists
Previously she was awarded Honorable Mention plus People’s Choice award at the Kamloops Cowboy Festival art show in 2019
Her art career, even though went on hold for a few years while family took priority, is now beginning again with a new mentor, a new vision and a new passion of inspiring others to follow their dreams through her art.

Stefanie Travers

Farrier, trainer, teacher/learner and ardent philosopher of the horse. Stefanie has been exploring the deep soul connection we feel to these remarkable creatures since she could walk. Discovering, as we all do it seems, that the lessons they teach in presence, awareness, feel and balance all lead us deeper into ourselves.

Stefanie has a passion and reverence for the Old Californio Style of horsemanship; an Art Unto itself. Then, finally, one day in late 2013, her second childhood love for art came stomping up from the basement. Demanding to be expressed, and with vaguely raised eyebrows, took its hand and whoosh! ….. Off she went.
Painting in Oil and Acrylic (and occasionally bronze) Stefanie continues trying to figure out just how to capture her love of light, the essence of the being she is painting and Geez!
The actual creative process in and of itself is a challenge she knows will consume the rest of her life with Joy, humour and much entertainment.

Stefanie lives with Duende, her Palomino Lusitano mare, and Great Danes, Rose and Gabi in Merritt/Kamloops B.C. or fully mobile in the Palomino Palace drifting about the country, following the crumb trail of her heart.

Candice Camille

“Living the cowgirl way brings out my creative drive”.
Candice has become known for her unique ability to capture the beauty of her animal subjects along with their emotions and the essence of their nature. Her Photography reflects the authentic connection of Horse, the emotional connect with their person.
Her work has been recognized worldwide in print and publications.
More and more she is dedicating herself to her own projects, such as Authentic Equines. Her ongoing mission is to show animals in all their splendor—Feral horses in particular, as they represent her true passion.

Kamloops Courthouse Gallery
City Centre

About Kamloops Courthouse Gallery

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The Kamloops Courthouse Gallery is a non-profit, co-operative art gallery which was founded in 2007 by a small group of dedicated artists from the Kamloops area. Today, the Gallery and Gift Shop are managed by a growing group of artists offering a wide range of talents and skills.

The purpose of the gallery is to provide a venue for member artists to sell their work while offering the community an opportunity to experience different forms of visual and functional art. Our objectives are to provide continuing support for the co-op and its membership through the gift shop and by organizing artisan fairs in the Old Courthouse.

Another objective is to provide education by offering demonstrations and workshops for those interested in learning a new art form.

We are dedicated to creating an enriching and cultural experience for both residents and visitors of Kamloops, as well as the people of British Columbia. Culture, Art, Community and Prosperity all become a reality as a result of this initiative. We are located in the historic “Old Kamloops Courthouse” which we share with the Kamloops Community Arts Council and Arnica.

The Kamloops Courthouse Gallery Gift Shop boasts an unmatched selection of media and styles including pottery, jewelry, glass art, paintings, scupture and fibre art to suit the tastes of casual shoppers as well as serious collectors.

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