New Democrats continue to fight for justice for First Nations children « Canada’s NDP

October 26, 2022 at 3:30 am  Federal, Politics

NDP Deputy Ctitic for Crown-Indigenous Relations (Child Welfare), Charlie Angus made the following statement:

“Today’s decision from the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal is clear – the government cannot ignore their obligation to respect the ruling that found them guilty of “willful and reckless” discrimination against Indigenous children. The Tribunal has established that compensation must be provided to all victims, and 40,000 dollars must be the base amount given to families. The government has no right to negotiate away this right to compensation.

We are disappointed, but not surprised, to see the government consistently evade their obligations to adequately compensate Indigenous children harmed by the child welfare system.

Delivering more empty words, Minister Hajdu and Minister Miller publicly stated that they supported 40,000 dollars as base compensation but have left it out of their proposal. First Nation’s children and families deserve a government that does not pick and choose who receives compensation and they deserve, at the minimum, the amount set by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. And now the ministers only have themselves to blame for delaying compensation to families and children.

The decision today from Canadian Human Rights Tribunal reaffirms the resiliency of children, families and communities who have been fighting for justice. Children and families have no time to wait. This government must stop their persistent denial of fair compensation and live up to its promises to families. New Democrats will keep pushing the government to return to the table immediately for mediation and ensure no child is left behind.”

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