New Democrats are urging the government to help Canadians as food prices hit 41-year high « Canada’s NDP

October 19, 2022 at 6:45 am  Federal, Politics

OTTAWA – Today, the Leader of Canada’s NDP Jagmeet Singh is again calling on the government to support Canadian families as the price of food hits a 41-year high. While Canadians are already struggling to afford the groceries they need, the cost of food rose again to 11.4 per cent and the average hourly wage for Canadians climbed to just 5.2 per cent. The gap between the wages and inflation is widening to the detriment of workers and to the benefit of CEOs as food prices continue to rise.

“Canadians workers are having to stretch their money further. The price of food is rising almost more than twice as quickly as the wages Canadians earn. This is an impossible situation,” said Singh. “Canadian workers are doing everything right, but they just can’t get ahead. The government has got to stand up for people instead of letting the CEOs of huge grocery stores make millions of dollars in profits and bonuses while Canadians suffer. There are things that can be done to make things fairer for hardworking people.”

Earlier this week, New Democrats successfully forced all Members of Parliament to support a proposal to address the corporate greed fueling inflation in the grocery sector. Due to the pressure the NDP has been putting on the CEOs of large grocery chains, Loblaws announced that they would freeze prices on some of their products. The decision from Loblaws proves that the rich CEOs of big grocery stores can reduce food costs for Canadian families. The NDP will continue to urge the government to put forward a strategy to tackle corporate greed and for stronger competition laws to protect Canadians.

“People are feeling very anxious about making ends meet and things are getting more difficult. While families are making tough choices about what they can and can’t afford, the CEOs of huge grocery chains are making millions of dollars in bonuses—it doesn’t sit right with people,” said Singh. “The Liberals and Conservatives need to stop standing up for rich corporations and wealthy CEOs. New Democrats will keep urging them to close the tax loopholes that allow rich CEOs to avoid paying what they owe and take action to get Canadians the help they need now. New Democrats will always work for you and your families.”

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