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September 21, 2022 at 3:00 am  Federal, Politics

NDP Critic for Disability Inclusion, Bonita Zarrillo, issued the following statement:

“People living with disabilities have been waiting for too long for the help they need to afford rent, groceries, and their bills. Over the last two year, people living with disabilities had to face substantial financial difficulty — 41 per cent of those living in poverty in Canada have one or more disabilities. Yesterday, they had to listen to the Liberal government make more excuses, when in reality, the delay in delivering help is only making things worse. This can’t go on. People need help now.

When it came to delivering help for people living with disabilities, the Liberals dragged their feet and kept people waiting. Then when they finally reintroduced their legislation, it was the same empty, inadequate bill they had proposed a year early. When asked about this unnecessary delay, the Minister for Disability Inclusion admitted that it will take years to deliver this much needed help people have been waiting to receive. The disability community deserves to be heard and deserves real and immediate solutions.

As the fall parliamentary session begins, New Democrats will continue the fight to improve the government’s bill so we can finally lift people living with disabilities out of poverty. For the past 7 years under this Liberal government, the disability community has had to do all the heavy lifting to fight for basic human rights, and for equity. It shouldn’t have to be this way; the government must do better for Canadians living with disabilities.

New Democrats have been fighting tirelessly to ensure people living with disabilities in Canada have access to the benefits and financial supports they need to live with autonomy and dignity. We will continue to use our power in Parliament to pressure the Liberals to ensure that legislation on a Canada Disability Benefit provides comprehensive, immediate support that lifts people out of poverty and doesn’t leave any one behind.”

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