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August 17, 2022 at 1:17 pm  Federal, Politics

Canada’s future depends on our young people – and they deserve the same chance of owning a home, starting a family, and thriving in their careers as past generations.

Justin Trudeau and our Liberal team are taking real action to help build a better future for young Canadians, here are a few highlights:

Supporting students and new graduates

Students and new graduates shouldn’t need to make payments on student loans that they cannot afford.

That’s why our Liberal government is waiving interest on Canada Student Loans until March 2023, and enhancing repayment assistance to ensure that no person making less than $40,000 will need to make payments on their federal student loans.

Supporting young families

Young parents deserve to know that they can afford to raise a family.

That’s why we’re cutting child care costs by 50% this year, creating more quality spaces, and moving forward with $10-a-day child care, to help young families save for their future, grow in their careers, and give their kids the best possible start to life.

We’re also increasing the Canada Child Benefit to make sure it keeps up with the cost of living — this year, it means up to $6,997 per child, tax-free, in the pockets of families.

Clean air and a strong economy

Big challenges need bold solutions, and young Canadians know serious climate action cannot wait.

That’s why we’ve put a price on pollution, and giving more money back to Canadians. We’ve protected more of our oceans and coastlines – 14% today from just 1% in 2015 – and made historic new investments in public transit across the country.

There’s still much more to do. Our Liberal government is cutting pollution, banning harmful single-use plastics, positioning Canada as a leader in clean technologies, planting 2 billion trees, and helping green Canada’s homes – so we can deliver clean air, create new middle class jobs, grow a strong economy, and build a better Canada for generations to come.

Helping young Canadians buy their first home

Owning a home shouldn’t be out of reach for young Canadians – so we’re stepping up to help more young people find a home of their own.

Our Liberal team introduced the Tax-Free First Home Savings Account that will help you to save up to $40,000 towards a home, and when you’re ready to buy, you can withdraw it, tax-free.

We’re also doubling the First-Time Home Buyer’s Tax Credit to $10,000, supporting rent-to-own projects, and making the housing market more fair for Canadians by cracking down on speculation.

Strengthening our public health care system

We’re investing to ensure young Canadians have access to the quality health services they need.

Our Liberal team is moving forward to provide dental care to Canadian families with incomes of less than $90,000 annually, starting with under 12 years-olds this year and those under 18 by 2023.

We’re helping organizations make sexual and reproductive health care more accessible for Canadians, and investing in mental health and substance use prevention services.

Growing a strong economy

Building a stronger Canada means helping young Canadians grow and thrive in their careers.

Our Liberal team is growing a strong economy that works for everyone, including young Canadians. We’re raising the federal minimum wage to $15.55 an hour, creating 300,000 new work opportunities and experiences, and helping young Canadians find apprenticeships in the skilled trades.

While Conservatives continue to push risky policies that would take Canada backward, Justin Trudeau and our Liberal team are taking bold action to make life more affordable, accelerate our fight against climate change, and grow an economy that works for everyone.

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