Backgrounder: Canada and British Columbia invest $29.5 million in 11 projects to make B.C. communities more resilient to natural disasters

August 5, 2022 at 6:32 pm  Federal, Politics

East Kootenay, Regional District of

Cold Spring Creek Debris Flow Mitigation Phase 2

Construct a large earthen and steel debris flow/flood barrier to protect the residents, tourists and the community of Fairmont Hot Springs. The barrier is located along Coldstream Creek and can capture and store 68,000 m3 (approximately 8,500 dump truck loads) of debris.



Peters First Nation

Fraser River Flood Control Berm

Construct a 1 km-long flood control berm along the Fraser River next to IR2 to reduce flood risk to the community and reduce likelihood of river avulsion.



Fernie, City of

Annex Dike Upgrade

Reduce risk of floods by upgrading 1.8 km of the existing Annex Dike, including raising of the dike to the identified flood construction level, re-constructing the dike slope and crest, and improving the erosion protection.



Port McNeill, Town of

Beach Drive Debris Flow


Implement debris flow mitigation measures to reduce or eliminate the potential for future flow events above residential areas along Beach Drive. Project includes the modification of natural infrastructure to redirect flood waters that have increased over recent years, as well as stabilizing the existing natural infrastructure. 



Fraser Fort George, Regional District of

Dore River Flood and Erosion Mitigation

Provide new flood infrastructure that will protect and prevent further loss to a subdivision along a 1.5 km length of the Dore River through the installation of a further 1.2 km of riprap to harden the channel banks and make them resistant to erosion.



City of Trail

Cambridge Creek and Violin Lake Ecosystem Restoration

Decommission four historical dams owned by the City of Trail and the restoration of natural wetlands, swamps and riparian areas for Violin Lake, Cambridge Creek, Goodeve Creak and an additional 34 hectares of lands.



Golden, Town of

Kicking Horse River and Hospital Creek Dike Improvements

Upgrade 820 m of existing earthen dike along the Kicking Horse River. The dike will be raised to meet the 1:200 year flood elevation.



Canal Flats, Village of

Canal Flats – Dike Upgrade Design and Construction

Upgrade the existing flood protection dike to meet updated flood construction levels with future climate considerations.



Central Kootenay, Regional District of

East McDermid Dam Decommissioning

Decommission the East McDermid Dam and associated reservoir to reduce the risk of flooding for downstream residences and infrastructure. Construction will also include the installation of a water diversion, restoration of stream beds, stabilization of stream banks, and revegetation.



Greenwood, City of

Boundary Creek Emergency Dike Repair

Repair a localized section of an emergency dike constructed on the East side of Boundary Creek which was damaged by a falling tree. 



K’ómoks First Nation

Lower Tsolum River Flood Protection Project on IR#2 (Pentledge)

Remove an elevated gravel bar in a side channel of the Tsolum River and use the material to build new infrastructure and reinforce existing rip rap to protect reserve lands and architectural sites that are subject to flooding, erosion, and loss of land.     






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