Langley MLAs say patients will benefit from better care as Fraser Health welcomes back housekeeping services workers

July 14, 2022 at 9:31 am  Politics, Provincial

LANGLEY – New Democrat Dykeman and Mercier say more people accessing health care in the Lower Mainland will benefit from better patient care as 474 housekeeping services workers, who were previously contracted out, return as Fraser Health employees. This comes after almost 20 years of these workers having their services contracted out to private companies.

“I am thrilled to see Fraser Health bringing essential housekeeping workers back in-house including 474 across all of Fraser Health and 67 of those here in Langley. We know this step supports workers who in turn provide better services for people needing care,” said Megan Dykeman, MLA for Langley-East

Health authorities and Providence Health Care continue to repatriate workers under Bill 47, bringing an estimated 4,000 workers back into the public system. In July 2022, a further 474 housekeeping services workers will be repatriated to 18 Fraser Health sites, including 67 workers at Langley Memorial Hospital, Rosewood, Marwood, Cedar Hill, and Maple Hill.

“I am overjoyed that these workers are able to be repatriated to Fraser Health, where they can provide important health care services without the fear of contract flipping. These workers are key members of our health care system and Bill 47 helps show them how valued they are,” said Andrew Mercier, MLA for Langley.

To address inequality and enhance working conditions for employees in health-care facilities, government is ensuring that workers have the benefits, wages and working conditions that they deserve to be able to help patients.

Evidence has shown that employees who feel secure and safe in their jobs provide higher-quality care for people, and in turn, employers can attract and retain staff at a higher and more consistent level.

Work to bring healthcare service workers back into the public system began in 2019, when the BC New Democrat government brought Bill 47 (Health Sector Statutes Repeal Act) into force. Bill 47 repealed the Health and Social Services Delivery Improvement Act (Bill 29) and the Health Sector Partnerships Agreement Act (Bill 94), legislated by the former BC Liberal government, which facilitated contracting out in the health sector and caused significant labour impacts.

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