NDP MLA Josie Osborne says grants for Mid Island-Pacific Rim organizations will help people access vital community services

July 13, 2022 at 12:35 pm  Politics, Provincial

Mid Island-Pacific-Rim – New Democrat MLA Josie Osborne says that people who receive services from local non-profits will benefit from funding to improve community health, accessibility and well-being.

“These organizations provide invaluable services for many people, whether it’s the Fanny Bay Community Association providing a place for people to gather and build strong community connections, the child care provided by Hornby Island’s Daycare Society, or the range of services offered at the Port Alberni Friendship Centre,” said MLA Josie Osborne. “The folks working at these organizations and others deserve endless thanks and I am glad our government can support them.”

This year, 26 organizations in the region received over $850,000 in funding through the human and social services stream of the Community Gaming Grants program. Recipients include:

  • Port Alberni Family Guidance Association- $100,000
  • Kuu-Us Crisis Line Society- $75,000
  • Tribune Bay Outdoor Education Society- $50,000
  • Pacific Rim Hospice Society- $52,000

This year, the New Democrat government will distribute more than $61 million in grants to 1,364 human and social services organizations around B.C. This funding means people can continue access to services such as food banks, children and youth programs, mental health supports, and other services that enhance health and wellbeing.

Quick Facts:

  • Community Gaming Grants provides around $140 million annually to approximately 5,000 not-for-profit organizations that deliver services to people throughout the province.
  • In addition to human and social services, the grants fund arts, culture and sport, public safety and environmental conservation, as well as parent and district parent advisory councils in B.C. schools.

For more information on Community Gaming Grants, visit: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/sports-culture/gambling-fundraising/gaminggrants/community-gaming-grants


Community Gaming Grants for Mid Island Pacific Rim:

Scouts Canada- 1st Cumberland Scouts $3,600
Cumberland Community Schools Society $20,950
Denman Island Community Education Society $10,700
Denman Island Preschool Society-Blackberry Lane $9,200
Errington Preschool Parents Society $6,000
Errington War Memorial Hall Association $5,900
Baynes Sound Lions Club $15,000
Fanny Bay Community Association $10,000
Hornby and Denman Community Health Care Society $4,500
Hornby Island Daycare Society $17,950
Hornby Island Educational Society $18,500
Hornby Island New Horizons Society $27,500
Tribune Bay Outdoor Education Society $50,000
Alberni Valley Childcare Society $58,100
Alberni Valley Lions Club $21,700
Canadian Mental Health Association – Port Alberni $26,500
Kuu-Us Crisis Line Society $75,000
Port Alberni Association for Children with Developmental Disabilities $20,000
Port Alberni Association for Community Living $50,000
Port Alberni Family Guidance Association $100,000
Port Alberni Friendship Center $100,000
Port Alberni Shelter Society $75,000
Sage Haven Society $58,000
Wholesome Meals on Wheels Association of Port Alberni $19,800
Pacific Rim Hospice Society $52,000
Westcoast Community Resources Society $42,000

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