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March 22, 2022 at 12:11 pm  Federal, Politics

March 22, 2022

Today, Justin Trudeau announced an agreement with the New Democratic Party to deliver results for Canadians now in Parliament – a confidence and supply agreement that will help get big things done for Canadians, that will make a real difference in their lives, and fulfill the mandate they gave Parliament six months ago.

This is a supply and confidence agreement starting now until the end of this Parliament in 2025. It means that during this uncertain time, the government can present and implement budgets, it can function with predictability and stability, and it can get things done for Canadians.

Here are a few key points on how this agreement will deliver results for Canadians:

  1. Building a better healthcare system, including by launching a new dental care program and continuing progress towards a universal pharmacare program.
  2. Making life more affordable for Canadians by taking strong action on housing and investing so that $10-a-day child care is a reality for all families.
  3. Tackling the climate crisis and creating good paying jobs by cutting pollution, investing in training for workers, and helping families make their homes more energy efficient.
  4. Creating a better deal for workers, including ensuring that 10 days of paid sick leave for all federally regulated workers starts as soon as possible this year, and by continuing to support labour unions.
  5. Continuing to move forward on truth and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples by making more investments in Inigenous housing, continuing to address violence against Indigenous women and girls, and supporting survivors of the residential school system.
  6. Delivering a fairer tax system for the middle class, including by addressing the profits made by financial institutions during the pandemic.
  7. Strengthening our democracy by eliminating barriers to voting and participation.

Read the Prime Minister’s full announcement.

As Justin Trudeau said today about the election six months ago, “the message from Canadians was as clear as the mandate they gave Parliament: work together to put people and families first, deliver results, and build a better future.”

With your support today, we can continue our work together to make life more affordable, create new jobs and strengthen the economy, grow the middle class, take strong climate action, and support Canadians as we rebuild from COVID-19.

If you’re able, chip in now to ensure that Justin Trudeau and our Liberal team can continue our work to deliver on important progressive priorities and keep Canada moving forward.

Chip in to support our progress

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