Government moves ahead on replacement for Massey Tunnel

February 9, 2022 at 9:42 am  BC, News, Politics, Provincial

Nine contracts have been awarded for technical and engineering expertise to support the Province’s delivery of the Highway 99 Tunnel Program to replace the Massey Tunnel, which will improve mobility along the corridor between Richmond and Delta.

“We are moving ahead with a new toll-free tunnel to replace the George Massey Tunnel, and these contracts will support the ministry’s work as we move from development to construction,” said Rob Fleming, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure. “The new tunnel, along with a new Steveston Interchange and Highway 99 improvements, are being designed to improve safety, reliability and connectivity while aligning with regional interests.”

The following contracts with a total value of $56.7 million were awarded following the Province of B.C.’s thorough procurement process:

Owner’s Engineering Service (Immersed Tube Tunnel):
COWI North America Ltd.
Value: $15,000,000

Owner’s Engineering Service (Highway and Civil Works):
R.F. Binnie and Associates Ltd.  
Value: $15,000,000

Archaeological Services:
Golder Associates
Value: $2,100,000

Environmental Services:
Golder Associates
Value: $14,771,000

Independent Environmental Monitor for the Corridor Improvement Projects:
Sartori Environmental Inc.     
Value: $725,000

Marine Navigation Advisor:
TyPlan Consulting
Value: $322,000

Communication and Engagement Services (Highway 99 Tunnel Project/Steveston Interchange Project):
Lucent Quay Consulting Inc.
Value: $4,187,690

Hydrotechnical and River Hydraulics Services:
Northwest Hydraulic Consultants Ltd.
Value $4,400,000

Marine Construction Advisor:
RAM Engineering Ltd.
Value: $202,000

The Highway 99 Tunnel Program will result in travel-time savings in the region for vehicles, including buses, as well as providing new opportunities for people who cycle or walk. 

The next step in the Fraser River Tunnel Project is to initiate the environmental assessment process. This includes ongoing engagement with Indigenous groups and stakeholders and preparation for procurement. The new tunnel is estimated to cost $4.15 billion and is scheduled to be complete in 2030.

In the interim, improvements to transit and cycling infrastructure along Highway 99 are underway. Construction of the new Steveston Interchange is scheduled to begin this year.

Transportation Investment Corporation is leading the delivery of the major elements (eight-lane tunnel and Steveston Interchange) of the Highway 99 Tunnel Program on behalf of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, and will provide the controls, practices and other oversights essential for this complex project.

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