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B.C.’s music industry gets an encore

B.C.’s music industry gets an encore

April 13, 2021 at 9:44 am  BC, News, Politics

People and companies in B.C.’s music industry can plan for the future with $22.5 million dedicated to the sector over the next three years though Amplify BC.

“I know what the music industry has gone through this past year because I’ve been working closely with musicians, producers and businesses,” said Bob D’Eith, Parliamentary Secretary for Arts and Film. “People told us they needed stability and we listened. For the first time, government is committing three years of funding for Amplify BC. This is huge for the music industry. It says, ‘we hear you, we value you and we’re here for you.’ I’m excited to work together to chart a path to recovery.”

Administered by Creative BC, Amplify BC offers four programs:

  • Live Music supports the operations, development and adaptation of venues, festivals and concert presenters in B.C.
  • Music Company Development supports the operations, development and adaption of music companies in B.C.
  • Music Industry Initiatives support the development of B.C.’s music industry, funding projects that support training, skills development, export activities, business development, research and up-and-coming talent.
  • Career Development supports the careers of emerging and established artists in B.C., funding sound recordings, music videos and marketing initiatives.

“Over the last year musicians have comforted us and inspired us. Now they need our support to come back stronger than ever,” said Melanie Mark, Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport. “We heard the call to action from the music sector, and I know that by continuing to work together we will support our talented artists, sustain our vital music businesses and continue making our mark in the music industry.”

Working closely with the industry, Creative BC adapted several programs in 2020 to help the sector during the pandemic. For example, music companies, venues and festivals used their grants to cover their operating costs and people in the music industry received grants to adapt to the challenges of the pandemic.

These changes were based on extensive consultation with industry. Creative BC will continue to adapt Amplify BC’s programs each year to meet the changing needs of the music industry as part of B.C.’s economic recovery.

This funding is part of B.C.’s $10-billion COVID-19 response, which includes StrongerBC: BC’s Economic Recovery Plan to protect people’s health and livelihoods while supporting businesses and communities.

Amplify BC is the Province’s music fund and is delivered by Creative BC.


Prem Gill, CEO, Creative BC

“The provincial commitment to support B.C.’s music industry over three years is tremendously important — it comes at a time when this industry needs it most. The investment demonstrates government’s real understanding of current challenges and a need for stability. At Creative BC we are devoted to B.C.’s artists and music companies, and our strong collaboration with government and industry through Amplify BC to help the sector sustain and recover.”

Lindsay MacPherson, executive director, Music BC –

“At a time when our industry is still struggling, this is a vote of confidence in our recovery. Whether you are a touring artist, a sound engineer or a concert promoter, this is the news we all needed right now. The Province has heard and understood the challenges our sector is facing. Their continued support with a three-year commitment means Music BC can maintain programs like SoundON and build new opportunities to develop emerging B.C. talent.”

Karen Aird, acting CEO, First Peoples’ Cultural Council –

“Long-term funding is essential to the growth of the Indigenous music industry in British Columbia as Indigenous artists face additional barriers to success. Amplify BC’s support of our Indigenous Music Initiative has been key to increasing opportunities for Indigenous artists in many areas of the industry. As a result of this funding, we have seen Indigenous music professionals thrive and we are grateful to the Province that with this certainty, we can continue to support these artists year after year.”

Learn More:

Amplify BC: https://www.creativebc.com/programs/amplify-bc

Creative Industries Week is April 12-16. Join in the daily activities to learn more or follow the hashtag #BCCreates: https://bccreates.com/

StrongerBC: https://strongerbc.gov.bc.ca/

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