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Stride Avenue students will learn in new, energy efficient school

Stride Avenue students will learn in new, energy efficient school

April 8, 2021 at 8:19 am  BC, News, Politics

A new, seismically safe Stride Avenue Community school will give hundreds of students in Burnaby a better learning experience for generations to come and contribute to a reduction in B.C. greenhouse gases.

“Students at Stride Avenue Community school are getting a safer, modern learning environment. And as more schools are upgraded and replaced, we’re making sure our buildings go beyond current energy efficiency standards to reduce pollution and support a cleaner, stronger future for everyone,” said Jennifer Whiteside, Minister of Education. “Through our CleanBC plan, we’re helping school districts lead the way on climate action, while reducing operating costs on new and expanded schools.”

The Government of B.C. is providing $22.3 million to replace Stride Avenue Community school with a new school that will meet net zero carbon ready standards, keep students and staff safe in an earthquake and provide a modern education experience in a facility that is designed for 21st-century learning.

The Burnaby School District is contributing an additional $3.6 million toward the cost of the new school, which will have capacity for 415 students to accommodate projected growth in the area.

“Providing a modern, safe and sustainable learning environment for students and staff is a priority for our board, as we work to reduce our environmental impact,” said Jen Mezei, chair, Burnaby Board of Education. “We are also pleased that this new building will continue to reflect that schools are the heart of our communities. We’re grateful for our partnership with the provincial government that allows for this building to include a neighbourhood learning centre that can further support the community.”

To become net zero carbon ready, the school will be built to meet the highest energy efficiency standards and will reduce greenhouses gas emissions by eliminating natural gas use, replacing it with clean electricity. This will involve adding more energy efficient insulation, heating and ventilation components and solar panels into the construction of the school.

“We’re creating safe, comfortable learning environments for students across the province built to high energy efficiency standards through our CleanBC plan,” said George Heyman, Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy. “We’re taking strong action on climate change so our kids and grandkids have a cleaner, safer future by working with educators and builders in Burnaby to build better schools that reduce pollution and strengthen our communities.”

A new neighbourhood learning centre is also included in the project. Uses for the centre could include space for before- and after-school care, Indigenous programs, the existing school-based StrongStart program, as well as other community programs. Details about the neighbourhood learning centre will be finalized by the Burnaby School District through consultation with the school community.

“The seismic upgrade and new school building for Stride Avenue Community school are going to be very beneficial and exciting for the growing and developing community that is happening around us,” said Lori Mendoza, co-chair of the community council representing parents at the school. “The new building will offer a safe, welcoming, bigger environment for all of our students, families, staff, council and community members to enjoy.”

The new school will be built on open space at the existing property, with construction expected to begin in 2023. This will allow students to remain in the current facility until the new school is ready in 2024.

This project is part of the Province’s work to upgrade and replace high-risk schools through the Seismic Mitigation Program to ensure students and staff are protected in a major earthquake.

“The progress our government has made on school safety in Burnaby and throughout B.C. is making an unmistakably positive impact on countless families,” said Raj Chouhan, MLA for Burnaby-Edmonds. “Providing our community with a modern learning facility will transform the neighbourhood and give students the safe, positive classroom experience they deserve.”

In the less than four years, the Province has announced more than $1.1 billion in investments under the Seismic Mitigation Program, including nearly $170 million for seismic upgrades and replacements at five schools in Burnaby alone. These investments are giving nearly 30,500 B.C. students a safer place to go to school.

CleanBC is a pathway to a more prosperous, balanced and sustainable future. It supports government’s commitment to climate action to meet B.C.’s emission targets and build a cleaner, stronger economy.

Learn More:

For more information about CleanBC, visit: https://cleanbc.gov.bc.ca/

For more information about major school construction projects in B.C., visit: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/education-training/k-12/administration/capital/major-capital-projects

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