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Digital bundles and the role of the helpers – TRU Newsroom

Digital bundles and the role of the helpers – TRU Newsroom

March 16, 2021 at 4:25 pm  Education, Kamloops, News

The final 2020-2021 Virtual Indigenous Speaker Series wraps up via Zoom (passcode 988354). The series is sponsored by the Thompson Rivers University Faculty Association’s Decolonization, Reconciliation and Indigenization standing committee and the Wel Me7 Yews Network for Indigenizing Higher Education at TRU.

Dr. Jennifer Wemigwans is an assistant professor in Adult Education and Communitiy Development program of the Department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education at the University of Toronto. She is the author of A digital bundle protecting and promoting Indigenous knowledge online.

Wemigwans is from Wiikwemkoong unceded territory on Manitoulin Island. She is a new media producer, writer and scholar specializing in the convergence between education, Indigenous knowledge and new media technologies. Her research examines how Indigenous knowledge sites online contribute to the efforts and goals of Indigenous nation building and therefore represent a new cultural form and social movement that delivers new capacity for Indigenous communities.

Wemigwans takes pride in working to invert the conventional use of media by revealing the potential for Indigenous cultural expression and Indigenous knowledge through new technologies, education and the arts.

An essential contribution to internet activism and a must read for Indigenous educators, A Digital Bundle frames digital technology as an important tool for self-determination and idea sharing, ultimately contributing to Indigenous resurgence and nation building.

By defining Indigenous knowledge online in terms of “digital bundles,” Wemigwans elevates cultural protocol and cultural responsibilities, grounds online projects within Indigenous philosophical paradigms and highlights new possibilities for both the Internet and Indigenous communities.

“Wemigwans’ concept of the digital bundle is an integral and effective intellectual intervention, [one that] I can see as the cornerstone of a much greater theoretical work about the epistemic facets of digitzied Indigenous Knowledge… The more documentation that we have of “digital bundles,” the more that policy-makers, librarians, archivists, museum specialists, and technologists can prepare spaces for these kinds of projects… Therefore, this is an important book not only to an Indigenous studies audience, but also within the field of library and information science, archival and museum studies, Internet studies, cultural studies, and society and technology studies.” — Marisa Duarte, author of Network sovereignty: Building the internet across Indian country


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