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Supporting the growth of western Canadian business

Supporting the growth of western Canadian business

June 29, 2020 at 3:03 pm  BC, News, Politics

A new online service simplifies the registration process across provincial lines, making it easier for owners to grow their business.

Until now, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba had separate processes and systems for corporations and limited partnerships to complete their extraprovincial business registrations and maintenance filings. On June 27, 2020, the four provinces were the first to implement the online Multi-jurisdictional Registry Access Service (MRAS), a hub that allows corporate information sharing between the provinces, making extraprovincial registration faster and easier.  

“People using this new service will find it easier to register their business in multiple provinces and efficiently complete necessary paperwork through one central hub,” said Anne Kang, B.C.’s Minister of Citizens’ Services. “This joint effort under the New West Partnership Agreement streamlines trade between our provinces and opens up the possibility of including other provinces and territories in the future.”

As members of the New West Partnership Trade Agreement, the four western provinces committed to reconciling business registration and reporting requirements between the jurisdictions, thus simplifying extraprovincial business registration processes.

“The launch of this online service is just one of the ways we are cutting red tape for businesses, which is especially important as we relaunch our economy,” said Nate Glubish, Minister of Service Alberta. “MRAS is convenient and efficient, and makes it easier for Alberta job creators to expand their operations across Western Canada and for western Canadian job creators to grow into Alberta.”

Through MRAS, other jurisdictions will eventually be able to share corporate information, thus extending the New West Partnership’s efficiencies across Canada.

“We are always pleased to reduce red tape and make it easier for businesses to register and set up operations in Saskatchewan and Western Canada,” said Don Morgan, Saskatchewan’s Minister of Justice and Attorney General.

Scott Fielding, Manitoba’s Minister of Finance, said: “Manitoba is eager to work with our western neighbours under the New West Partnership Agreement and find ways to make life easier for business owners. A priority for our government is to reduce red tape, and this is another way we are able to do so and improve economic trade across Western Canada.”

Marilyn Braun-Pollon, vice-president, Western Canada and Agri-business, Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB), said: “We are pleased to see the western provinces move ahead with the Multi-jurisdictional Registry Access Service and reduce the regulatory burden on businesses who operate within different provinces. Today’s announcement is one step in the right direction on creating a more open interprovincial trade environment in Canada. It is encouraging to see these provinces move on this key recommendation CFIB made to the Canada Free Trade Agreement.”

Quick Facts:

  • MRAS allows jurisdictions to share corporate information so corporations and limited partnerships can complete and update their extraprovincial registration online.
  • MRAS also includes a national corporate registry search tool, which provides core registration information for corporations and extraprovincial corporations.
  • At this time, MRAS is not available for limited liability partnerships and co-operatives. These filings will continue to be completed through the current model.

Learn More:

For more information on MRAS, visit: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/employment-business/business/managing-a-business/permits-licences/news-updates

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