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Concovation is a big deal; some numbers to back that up – TRU Newsroom

Concovation is a big deal; some numbers to back that up – TRU Newsroom

June 5, 2019 at 7:05 am  Education, Kamloops, News

Whatever you use to record spring convocation, be sure to have a lot of space available to record your memories.

TRU’s biggest celebration of the year is about to begin.

Convocation runs June 5–7 at the Tournament Capital Centre and will see more than 1,400 graduates cross the stage to receive certificates, diplomas and degrees, for everything from an Adult Basic Education certificate to degrees in trades and master’s in business, economics, education, nursing and science.

It’s a worldwide celebration, with more than 50 countries represented among the graduates.

With family, friends and supporters on hand, more than 3,000 people will celebrate the graduates’ achievements and take thousands of photos and videos to share near and far.

Those unable to attend, can watch live online.

Ceremonies schedule



Installation of President and Vice-Chancellor Brett Fairbairn

A range of VIPs will be recognized, including TRU’s newest President and Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Brett Fairbairn. He will be officially installed as president during a ceremony at 9:30 a.m. on June 5. See welcome message below.

Numbers around convocation

programs will have one or more graduates

certificates will be presented

associates degrees


bachelor degrees

graduate certificates and diplomas

master’s degrees

graduates did co-op education

did co-op with distinction

completed a Global Competency certification

completed a Leadership in Environmental Sustainability certification

Valedictorians—in alphabetical order

  • Devon Banks (Faculty of Arts)
  • Fauve Garson (Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts, Tourism)
  • Marco Lussetti (Faculty of Science)
  • Anh ‘Colddy’ Nguyen (Faculty of Education and Social Work)
  • Vimaljeet Singh (School of Business and Economics)
  • Makenzie Vandertoolen (School of Nursing)

Medal recipients—recognized for academic excellence

  • Crystal Becker (Lieutenant-Governor’s Medal)
  • Lauren Friess (TRU Medal in Commerce)
  • Fauve Garson (TRU Medal in Tourism Management)
  • Hannah Groves (TRU Medal in Nursing)
  • Samantha Horner (TRU Medal in Interdisciplinary Studies)
  • Amy Jantz (Governor General’s Collegiate Bronze)
  • Christopher Kwiatkowski (TRU Medal in Science)
  • Magalie Levasseur (TRU Medal in Education)
  • Robert Long (Governor General’s Silver Medal and TRU Medal in Social Work)
  • Aaron Mann (TRU Medal in Natural Resource Sciences)
  • Madelaine Morton (TRU Medal in Arts)
  • Erin Noel (TRU Medal in General Studies)
  • Joshua Pound (TRU Medal in Health Science)
  • Carlee Robbins (TRU Medal in Journalism)
  • Elizabeth Sigalet (TRU Medal in Fine Arts)
  • Peter Termote (TRU Medal in Science)
  • Lucas Treadwell (TRU Medal in Business Administration)
  • Stephanie Winton (Governor General’s Gold Medal)
  • Oliver Verenca (Law Society of British Columbia Gold Medal)

honorary degrees

  • Charles Mossop—Helped lay the foundations of BC’s and TRU’s international education systems.
  • Dr. Pauline van den Driessche—Contributes to global health through research as an internationally renowned mathematician.
  • Karl deBruijn—Educator, community leader and philanthropist who still shapes education in the Kamloops area.
  • Tantoo Cardinal—Continues to help break barriers for onscreen representation of Indigenous people.
  • Mike Wiegele—Made significant contributions to backcountry skiing in Canada as a coach, guide and entrepreneur.

blessings from Indigenous elders over the three days. One per ceremony.

singings of O Canada!

Chancellor’s message

Congratulations, graduates. Welcome families, friends, and guests.

Today, the graduating class of 2019 celebrates all they’ve achieved during their time at Thompson Rivers University. Many will be embarking on new careers and new experiences, on further scholarship and grand adventures.

You are all beginning a new journey, one that will be forever informed by your education and experiences here.

As a graduate, you will take the diversity of opinion and ideas sparked by your education to your workplace, to your community and to your country. Be mindful of the skills and knowledge you’ve achieved and the values you share with the world–it will influence the people around you.

Today is a day to celebrate all you’ve achieved with your family and friends. You’ve worked hard. As you prepare for the next stage, take a moment to reflect on how far you’ve come, and where you want to go next. Pursue your passions. Commit to lifelong learning.

Thompson Rivers University is your alma mater, and will remain a place of engagement, of learning, and of connection, regardless of where you go. You are a member of the TRU family. Stay in touch. Again, congratulations. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours

— Nathan Matthew

President’s message

Today, with family, friends, faculty and staff, we celebrate a significant achievement in your life—one which may lead in coming years to opportunities unimagined.

When you decided to enrol at TRU, you took a step forward into your future. Through determination and the support of family, friends, faculty and staff, you gained knowledge and skills in your chosen area of study. You made friendships, some that will last your lifetime, and you became part of the TRU family.

As you step into the next stage of your life, I encourage you to carry a spirit of learning. Be inquisitive, open to others and, above all, caring. These are foundational values at TRU. They will serve you well along your journey.

As TRU alumni, you will always be members of our university family. Be sure to stay in touch. Your alumni relationships are meaningful and lifelong connections.

Following the ceremony, I invite you to linger and celebrate with others at the reception. Congratulations, graduates! It is an honour on behalf of TRU to wish you well for your continued success.

— Brett Fairbairn

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