Outstanding talents of young B.C. composers recognized

June 3, 2019 at 12:47 pm  BC, News, Politics

For many, the musical scores of Mario Bros. and the Legend of Zelda are as iconic as the games themselves.

Creating music for digital media requires composers to combine creativity and technology. A group of British Columbia high school students recently took up this challenge through the DigiMusic 2019 competition, funded by the Province.

High school students from throughout B.C. had the chance to create music for a short video game or animated movie clip. Their works were judged by an expert panel of digital media and music industry experts. DigiMusic 2019 highlighted the extraordinary talents of B.C.’s young composers and provided a glimpse into the future workforce of this cutting-edge industry.

With the highest number of interactive gaming companies in Canada, B.C. is home to one of the top video game clusters in the world. DigiMusic 2019 is a provincewide competition aimed at promoting the talents of aspiring young composers and sparking their interest in B.C.’s interactive digital media sector, a thriving industry that offers a range of good-paying jobs. In the video gaming industry alone, almost 6,000 people work in 150 companies.

The contest nominees and award recipients were honoured at an event held at Electronic Arts in Burnaby. Each award recipient received two professional-grade sound mixers, donated by Roland Canada Ltd., for their school’s music room. The students met some of B.C.’s leading representatives from the industry and had a chance to talk about their project.

The students were also given a behind-the-scenes tour of Electronic Arts, home of many world-class games, including FIFA and Need for Speed. The Burnaby studio is one of the largest of its kind, employing approximately 2,500 people.

B.C.’s dynamic creative sector is a key contributor to the province’s diverse, strong and growing economy. British Columbia is Canada’s third-largest music centre, with over 280 music companies and 160 recording studios.  

The B.C. government is working hard to enhance opportunities for people aspiring to join this growing field. In April 2019, the Government of B.C. invested in a one-year, $7.5-million renewal of Amplify BC to support career development, live music events, music companies and other aspects of the music industry.


Lisa Beare, Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture

“I was blown away by the incredible talents on display through this year’s DigiMusic contest. These young composers showed extraordinary creativity and innovation. B.C.’s creative sector is full of opportunities for people, and this contest is one way we’re opening the door for young people in B.C. to launch a career in B.C.’s digital media industry, helping build our reputation as a hub for creative innovation.”

Rob Fleming, Minister of Education –

“DigiMusic 2019 is a terrific opportunity for students to showcase their amazing musical talents in a fun and dynamic way. Thank you to the parents and teachers who have been instrumental in supporting these students’ passion for music and opening the doors for them as future composers.”

Brenda Bailey, executive director, DigiBC –

“The quality of submissions we received this year was incredible. We were truly amazed by the depth of skill and sophistication presented by students. We hope this contest fuelled their passion and interest in pursuing a career in the creative digital sector. Their abilities are exactly the type of high calibre of talent that will continue to keep this industry growing and strong into the future.”

Quick Facts:

  • B.C. has a thriving creative sector, which includes the motion picture industry, music and interactive digital media, as well as book and magazine publishing.
  • The DigiMusic contest is delivered by DigiBC, the Interactive & Digital Media Industry Association of British Columbia. DigiBC received $150,000 for this project through Amplify BC.
  • The contest was open to high school students in grades 8-12. The Ministry of Education convened the Music Education Advisory Committee and provided logistical support for the contest.
  • A suite of curriculum materials and videos designed for DigiMusic 2019 is available online, providing an ongoing legacy resource for music educators throughout the province.

Learn More:

For more about the DigiMusic contest and DigiBC, visit: www.digibc.org/digimusic

For more about Amplify BC and Creative BC, visit: www.creativebc.com/programs/amplify-bc

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